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We Believe In Coffee & Cafe Owners

We know who you are. Start up, buyer or cafe owner.

Who am i & what i do?

Carlos – That’s me! With 18 years experience in hospitality, including over 8 years in the coffee industry working for major coffee suppliers, as a coffee roaster, and business development manager, (to name a couple of roles) and owning my own businesses in the hospitality industry, I understand and know well what it takes to build a successful business from the ground up.

Coffee consumption has changed over the years; in most cases & places, classic meals, un-personalised customer service and unsupervised coffee making, are long gone.  Its about how a customers feel when they walk in to the attention of service to comfortable surroundings.

Consumers are seeking more than a quick bite to eat, nowadays we’re all after the whole “intimate” experience, whether we are alone, with your partner or in a group, we all want to feel taken care of.

what’s all this about?

We have a wealth of knowledge in what makes customers buy and how to get them to keep coming back

We are here to offer you my hands on approach – help, guidance and assistance for your upcoming or existing cafes, those in need of a bit of extra love. I will share with you my years of experience

And a new approach to building, shaping and developing your business.

We are always up to date with latest knowledge of food trends, customers eating preferences and coffee consumption.

Essentially, we can help start-up cafes get off the ground, re-invent existing cafes with new tips and tricks to make you successful in the current economy.

We work with you in your business using ideas and concepts to build your brand and customer base.

Just know, there’s no easy way, without commitment, motivation, and care, nothing can be achieved or changed.

The purpose is to provide you with the best opportunities possible in order to ensure your success.

services provided.

  • coffee knowledge
  • food, service & profitability analysis
  • staff training & development
  • menu planning & design
  • costing of goods
  • efficient workflow
  • equipment knowledge
  • partnership with suppliers and costings
  • recruitment of right staff members
  • marketing and branding
  • social media strategy, content creation & web design
  • layout/flow of the café for efficiency
  • assistance – planning the design and layout of a new cafe
  • post-opening review report & recommendations

We can also offer assistance through a wide network of specialists such as:

  • branding and design
  • legal advice
  • interior design
  • fit out and construction
  • financial planning
  • Business loans
  • insurance
  • equipment finance
  • equipment maintenance
  • staff personal development and training

Share access to best in business – list of suppliers for everyday cafe necessities including:

  • bread
  • milk
  • grocery goods
  • packaging
  • coffee!!!

Support & advice

Coffee Relations is here to help you. Whether you are considering to open a new cafe, buy a existing cafe or you own a cafe.

Great Coffee & support

Let us source the best coffee and ingredients for your cafe. Partner with our coffee machine suppliers. Work with our preferred digital marketing team. All this and more is availble from Coffee Relations.

The Best Coffee Shop

Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean

1. Coffee taste

2. Coffee quality


3. Location


 4. Ambience


 5. Quick service 

6. Price 



Carlos Cordova 

0404 448 883


Sydney, NSW, Australia